Cultures, ecologies, epistemologies, philosophies, economies, politics, technologies. Afrotopiques is a moment of orality and an invitation to explore the civilizational issues of our time, from the perspective of the South. Marie-Yemta Moussanang conducts a series of interviews with intellectuals, researchers, activists, artists, entrepreneurs, and citizens who share their ideas or initiatives, transform our imaginations, and participate in the making of a radically different present.

History of Africa Podcast

From Aksum to Zimbabwe, Casablanca to Cape Town, learn about the fascinating civilizations and stories of Africa on the first dedicated Pre-Colonial African history podcast.

Bobo and Flex

It’s your two faves bringing you the world’s first cross-continental podcast. Bobo and Flex are on a quest to decolonize our minds, intersect our feminism, but most importantly, give us all the tools necessary to stay away problematic boys!

De Africast

The Africast takes you on a journey through the diverse African continent. A wide range of underexposed topics are explained informally by various experts and experiential experts, who drastically rearrange our unambiguous image of the continent. Would you like to know more about the history, international politics and entrepreneurship on the African continent?