6 days of exchange around the culture of remembrance : a cultural journey based on the experience of a participant in the DAICOR project.

How can diversity, equity and inclusion be implemented in the culture of remembrance of the USA and Germany ?

PLACE Zaman is seeking new ambassadors

PLACE Zaman platform is a market place for the exhibition of skills. It gathers 688 active members from Africa and all over the world .

Burkin Poogs Banem Yele

In view of the security context in our country, we believe that women should be more involved in conflict resolution.

The Deadline for the Creative Contest 2022 will be Extended

Please send us an email, in case you would like to participate in this event

Why we need to protect local languages

What languages do you speak? And how do you say “I love my culture” in that language?

Creative Contest 2022: Life Before Colonialism

Submit your creative work in the Google form from the 17.08.2022 to the 18.09.2022.

Closing of the offer of support in the framework of the call for applications for a scholarship

Thank you to all those who have contacted us to assist them in the application process for this scholarship

16 year old Senegalese minor killed by police bullets in Dortmund.

Black people have been victims of police blunders for years

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