Invitation to honour Ante P. on the International Day against Police Violence

WHEN:15 March 2024 at 5pm WHERE: Market square, 68159 Mannheim, Germany CONTACT: Initiative 2. Together with the families and friends of Ante P., Sammy Baker, Mouhamed Lamine Dramé, Hogir Alay and Ertekin Özkan, we lament for the victims of police violence and listen to them. We network with all those affected by police violence and [...]
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Invitation to the workshop: Deconstructing racism in the university environment_14.03.24 at 7pm

Dear community, We cordially invite you to our interactive workshop "Deconstructing racism in the university environment", which will take place on 14 March 2024 from 19:00 to 21:00. In this workshop, we will take a cross-sectional look at racism and discuss innovative anti-racist solutions. The interactive lecture will be accompanied by a reflection time and [...]
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Special invitation to ‘’Black Academy introduces itself’’

Join us to find out more about the Black Academy and its incredible initiative to showcase the skills and knowledge of Black People! 📚✨ 📅 Date : Tuesday 19th March 2024 🕒 Time: 3:00pm 🏢 Venue : Mannheimer Abendakademie U1, 16-19 | 68161 Mannheim At this special event, we will be presenting what Black Academy [...]
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Vote on the new street names for Rheinau-Süd

Dear interested readers, the countdown is on, from Monday all citizens over 16 who live in Mannheim can vote on the street names in Rheinau Süd. We hope that we will succeed in making the renaming an impressive statement against racism and ask you to participate. (You can also find us on instagram) Here are [...]
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Invitation to join the campaign « Genocide is not time-barred »-05.03.2024 at 5pm

Dear All, Civil society groups from Germany, in close cooperation with Ovaherero and Nama representatives, contributed to putting the genocide on the political agenda in Germany through the "Genocide is not time-barred" campaign, among other things, and to highlighting the need for the negotiations that led to the Joint Declaration. As is now well known, [...]
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Never again is now! Preserve democracy and diversity!

We Black Academy team support the call "NEVER AGAIN IS NOW - Preserve Democracy and Diversity" and call on our members to participate in large numbers. It is high time that we stand up together for democracy and diversity and call a halt to those who want to return to a vanquished ethnic age with [...]

Digital inclusion for all in climate action

par Dylan Mahoussi Houndeton, dans le cadre du projet AVOUALI ‘’Inclusion en temps de crise climatique’’ initié par MeineWelt e.V. avec le soutien financier de  Aktion MENSCH What is climate action? And how can digital and inclusion go hand in hand to combat climate change? Climate action is a set of measures aimed at reducing [...]
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