At the school of inspiring personalities of their community: The Black Academy was there

At the school of inspiring personalities of their community: The Black Academy was there

The Black Academy had the pleasure to take part in an exchange meeting in Mannheim on October 18, 2010, which highlighted inspiring actors of Mannheim’s civil society, such as the 12 models of VIPs (Very Inspiring Persons) within the framework of the “Afrikatage Mannheim” project of Eine Welt Forum.

This unique exchange took place in the Sixty-Bahn train, which has become a mobile museum of the city of Mannheim. Based on the VIP model, the participants had the opportunity to go around the seats of the train to exchange with exceptional actors.

Nicole Amoussou, Coordinator of the Black Academy and international consultant on postcolonialism, diversity and development education was there. During the exchanges, our coordinator Nicole Amoussou and actor of the civil society of Mannheim shared her experiences with the participants on the subjects of colonial continuities, racism, discriminations and social injustices. Referring to her hero, Stefanie-Lahya Aukongo, Nicole energetically talked to the participants, who joined her headquarters, about the approaches she has developed in her work to accompany organizations and institutions in the fight against stereotypes, colonial thoughts and racism in society. It is important to be open to others and to understand their perspective for a successful global learning between the global south and the global north. Particularly with regard to the perspectives of people from the global South, participants were given the opportunity to hear about the Black Academy in order to better understand decolonial practices and strengthen their learning process between the South and the North.

Indeed, the Black Academy is a project working for the visibility of the knowledge and expertise of Black people, the improvement of the balance of power between the South and the global North as well as the change of negative narratives on Black people. This presentation was made by Abdoul Boukari, a member of the Black Academy who attended the activity. It was a very interesting meeting and especially rich in learning about the achievements of the Black Academy that some participants wished to join in the days to come.

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