Never again is now! Preserve democracy and diversity!

Never again is now! Preserve democracy and diversity!

We Black Academy team support the call « NEVER AGAIN IS NOW – Preserve Democracy and Diversity » and call on our members to participate in large numbers.

It is high time that we stand up together for democracy and diversity and call a halt to those who want to return to a vanquished ethnic age with secret plans of deportations and human contempt.

We must all stand up against right-wing extremism and work together to stop those who pose a real threat to our democracy, and not just since the secret meeting uncovered by correctiv. If we do nothing now, it may be too late tomorrow. History cannot and must not be repeated.

We clearly stand by the people who live here as part of our society and thus enrich our region! Regardless of whether they have German citizenship or not. We firmly reject plans to make it more difficult to obtain German citizenship. We call on you to take part in the rally and send a clear signal together: We are more and we stand up for our democracy.

Never again is now! Preserve democracy and diversity!

Rally on Saturday, 27 January 2024 at 4:00 pm

As signatories of the Mannheim Declaration, let us send a joint signal in favour of democracy and diversity! Thank you for your support!

Organising committee: among others Zahra Alibabanezhad Salem and Gerhard Fontagnier