Protectors becoming perpetrators – racist police violence in Germany

Protectors becoming perpetrators – racist police violence in Germany

A panel discussion

Tuesday 24.10.2023 6- 8 pm

Please register in advance:
N1 Stadthaus, Room 52/53, 68161 Mannheim
and online (German and English) on Zoom
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Racist police violence is a topic that we often connect with the distant USA. But what about here in Germany? Do the police offer the security they promise to everyone in Germany? The accumulation of alleged individual cases in which those affected report racist police violence shows that BIPOC persons not only in the USA have to worry about their safety especially when the police are around.

But who do you turn to when the very people who are actually mandated by the state to protect you against violence become perpetrators? How can one defend oneself against injustices and crimes committed by the police if criminal prosecution is initially linked to this very institution? And to what extent is racist police violence embedded in the historical oppression and exploitation of Black people?

As the Black Academy team, we would like to offer a space for exchange around this topic, which affects the entire BIPOC community in their everyday life. For this purpose, we cordially invite you to a panel discussion to question the existing structures and find action points. The discussion will be supported by a number of experts, such as Biplab Basu, an activist and co-founder of the counseling center “ReachOut Berlin” against police violence.

The event is open and free of charge for all people. We welcome your participation and recommendation, because this issue concerns us all!

We thank all donors who make the event possible through their contribution to our fundraising appeal.

If you yourself have been affected by racist police violence and need support, you can find help at the following places, among others:
Or also at the anti-discrimination offices in your area,