Precolonial History of Africa

The Black Academy is offering its first online course, and we warmly welcome you to join our sessions as a participant

septembre 15, 2022
From the 15 September 2022 to the 05 October 2022


Catheline.N BOSIBORI
professor & Jury Member of the Creative Contest


Feminism , History , Pre-Colonial

The Black Academy is offering its first online course, and we warmly welcome you to join our sessions as a participant. The topic of the online course will focus on the precolonial history of Africa. Indeed,  this long period of history is often marginalised in the discourse on global history, forgotten until the beginning of colonialism, and reduced to the creation of the pyramids in Egypt. But there is so much more to be told and we invite you to learn with us, exchange ideas and questions, debate with the participants, and share your own interests with the online classes.

Since the precolonial history of Africa is vast, we offer a narrow focus on specific leaders from several kingdoms. This online course will address the role, context and life of the people who have reigned. During the first session our guest speaker Catheline B. Nyabwengi will share her research expertise on women in pre-colonial Africa and address the stories of the matriarchs at the periphery of history. The second session will concentrate on the military strategies of African Kings. In the third session, which is for individual work at home, we invite you to research  a precolonial African figure who intrigues and maybe inspires you. We are then looking forward to coming together and sharing our researches and perspectives with all the participants , in debates, and network. You will be awarded with a certificate from the Black Academy after completing the four online courses. 


  • Week 1: 15.09.2022 from 4pm to 6pm (GMT+1): 

Theme: Women in pre-colonial Africa – The matriarchs at the periphery of history

  • Week 2: 22.09.2022 from 4pm to 6pm(GMT+1): 

Theme: How African kings won wars

  • Week 3: 26.09.202230.09.2022 (offline self study): 

Theme: Research of participants over an inspiring precolonial figure

  • Week 4: 05.10.2022 from 4pm to 6pm (GMT+1): 

Theme: Presentation of the past research and group discussion



This online course is open to all interested people, whatever their biographical background, age, or their location of living. This course will be hosted in English. 


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