Training series 2023: “Unlocking the narratives of African cultural heritage”

Training series 2023: “Unlocking the narratives of African cultural heritage”

As part of the implementation of its Black Academy initiative, PLACE for Africa is offering a series of online courses on the topic of Africa cultural heritage. The series named “Training series 2023: Unlocking the narratives of African cultural heritage” is closely connected with the 2023 creative contest “Sò – Remembering forward”. Anyone interested in the topic can attend the online sessions which will take place in October 2023.

This year’s training course will focus on culture of memory in the context of the African continent. Throughout the course, the participants will be able to gain knowledge regarding the chosen subtopic: The notion of cultural heritage, expressing culture and identity and what place it has in our societies. Within the offered framework, there will be several lectures as well as a self-study during the month of October. A final certificate of attendance will be given to all participants upon the completion of the courses.


  • Week 1: 05.10.2023 from 3pm to 5pm (WAT)

“The idea of cultural heritage”: This session will offer an introduction to the tem of cultural heritage, what it means, how it has developed and which importance is given to it in different contexts.

Our guest for the session will be Elvis Nkome Ngome. He holds a PhD in Social and Economic History and teaches history, tourism and cultural heritage management at the University of Buea, Cameroon. His research interests include: African history, Cultural History, Archaeology, Museums and heritage sites and Post-colonial Africa. Besides that he has participated in many national and international cultural heritage collaborative research projects.

  • Week 2: 12.10.2023 from 3pm to 5pm (WAT)

“The expression of cultural heritage”: This session will be all about getting to know how different means are used for cultural expressions.

Our guest for the session will be Bayo Adeniyi. He is a performance artist and researcher in dance anthropology and heritage studies. His studies brought him to Osun, Nigeria for a bachelor’s degree in drama and theatre arts and to several European Universities for a joint master’s degree in dance knowledge, practice and heritage. He has a keen interest in behavioural sciences and currently works as an Eiffel Tower Tour Guide in Paris.

  • Week 3: 26.10.2023 from 3pm to 5pm (WAT)

“The place for cultural heritage”: This session will discuss whether museums are a place preserving, sharing and keeping cultures alive and what other alternatives are needed for this purpose.


This online course is open to everyone interested in the topic, no matter where they are based and what their background. No previous knowledge is required (beginner friendly). The courses will be held in English but translation into French and German will be available.


If you want to participate, please use our Google Form to register for the training course 2023. We will send you all further information for participation afterwards and are looking forward to seeing you at the sessions.


You can reach us via our email and we will gladly answer any questions or read your comments.