Workshop 1: Solidarity with people who experience racism

Allyship: Solidarity with people experiencing racism & discrimination


septembre 1, 2022 - 6:00 pm


septembre 1, 2022 - 6:30 pm

Colonialism and slavery had a profound impact on the way different groups of people are perceived today. Although these times seem to be part of a distant history, their remnants are still felt today. In particular, non-« white » people are exposed to racism both in everyday life and structurally. 

Facing  this is part of a larger structural struggle against forms of oppression that requires the support of all. Current examples are the reparations against Germany demanded by the Namas & Ovahereros or the demand for the return of cultural goods to Africa. But how can we support all these actions without being directly affected by racism? 



  • Develop strategies and possibilities for action for solidarity with people who are affected by racism in everyday life.
  • Exchange on how to act in concrete situations in order to be an ally of those affected by racism on a daily basis.
  • Strengthening participants’ skills on the topic of racism and its manifestations 
  • Reflection on approaches to developing solidarity in the fight against racism.


The workshop is aimed at people who want to become active as allies of those affected against racism. 

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Not being affected by a form of discrimination does not exempt us from showing solidarity with those who experience it