Workshop 2 : Solidarity with people who experience sexism

Not being affected by a form of discrimination does not exempt us from showing solidarity with those who experience it


septembre 14, 2022 - 6:00 pm


septembre 14, 2022 - 8:30 pm

Gender, sexism and feminism are concepts that are not new. Especially in Africa, the history of feminism is rich. The pre-colonial past of many African states reveals a strong practice and consideration of gender in daily life. But increasingly is rising the discrimination based on sex or gender, or the belief that men are superior to women.

Through this workshop we will give an introduction to gender, to the different dimensions, ideas and sociological conceptions of gender as a historical and social construction. We will see together how diversity and gender can be brought together to strengthen solidarity against sexism.


  • Strengthening women’s solidarity against cases of gender discrimination they often fall victim to in society.  
  • Exchange of experiences to provide more support in the fight against gender discrimination
  • Providing tools to improve resilience to gender discrimination

The workshop is aimed at people with a migrant background and their supporters who want to discuss  sexism. 


The workshop is conducted by Nicole Amoussou and Tejan Lamboi

Registration at: is required. 



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