The Winners Submission of the Creative Contest 2023

The Winners Submission of the Creative Contest 2023

The Black Academy team, in particular the ASA Team 2023, organised the third Creative Contest during their time as interns at PLACE For Africa and the Black Academy

The theme of this year’s contest was « Sò-remembering forward« 

The whole world uses art, technology, scientific innovations, social and political concepts whose origins are in Africa without acknowledging and honoring it. We aimed to make African artists, scientists, literature, and knowledge more visible to the world. With Sò-remembering forward«  we wanted to show that we are still using things from the past in our presence and in general make Africa’s cultural heritage more visible. 

We called on all interested people to get creative and immerse themselves in the history of African culture. After several information sessions for interested parties and a submission phase lasting around 4 weeks, we received 20 creative works from participants from all over Africa. 

With the active support of our expert jury, the submissions were adequately screened and evaluated. On Saturday 11 November, we held our Winner’s Ceremony with the participants and many other interested parties. Mr Fabrice Banon gave a short talk to the participants about the importance of cultural heritage and some open questions could be answered. There was a short input from the winners of last year’s creative contest and to round things off, Nicole Amoussou announced the winners of this year’s « Sò-remembering forward« -Contest. 

Not only the best three submissions were honoured but also the two most creative works were named. 

To give the winners and their great creative work as much attention as possible, you can find their work here: 

1st place: Mokoyam DIEUDONNÈ, check his submission here

2nd place: Nouhoun BARASSOUNON, check his submission here

3rd place: Kévin CHABI, check his submission here

Creative winner: 

Aminata KHOUSSA, check his submission here

Arthur ANGONG ZE, check his submission here

Once again, we would like to thank all the participants who put so much work into their creative submissions. It is clear that all participants are winners! 

We were not only impressed by the creativity, but especially by the different interpretations of this year’s theme. 

We would also like to say a big thank you to the experts on our jury. Without them, the submissions could never have been assessed so well and in such a qualified manner. 

Our jury this year: 

Adebayo Moyosore Adeniyi

Audrey Celine Achieng

Boukanga Yaladakpa Jean de Dieu

Charlotte Doukaya

Fabrice Banon

Ngome Elvis Nkome

Ngozi Edeagu

See you at the next Creative Contest and stay creative! 

Bella & Marie

(main organiser of this year´s Creative Contest)