Black List

Ayodélé OGNIN

Passionate about financial education, youth entrepreneurship, women's empowerment and wealth creation in Africa

Abdou-Rahime Diallo

Head of the AntiRaktiv project at DaMOst - umbrella organisation for migrant organisations in East Germany

Amina Tall

Doctor, climate activist and Executive Director of the office of the German-Arab Society (DAG)


Process Facilitator/Trainer for development education work & Initiator of the Black Academy

Dahlia Al Nakeeb

Dahlia has many years of experience in consulting work as well as interactive educational work.

Sylvie Ngo Bigda

Trained as an interpreter, she makes the expertise of the people in its community visible.

Sima Luipert

She is a practitioner of development management and a campaigner for human rights.

Dr Boniface MABANZA

He is a trainer in development policy, anti-racism for various institutions.