Black List

Audrey Vanessa Noukeu Petnguen

She studied International Development Studies with a focus on the protection of natural resources.

Mickael Houngbedji

Sociologist who studied at the Max Weber Institute of Sociology in Heidelberg, Germany.



Mr. Senfo Tonkam is a former Cameroonian student leader currently in political exile and refugee in Germany


Jury of the Creative Contest

Eliphas NYAMOGO  is the head of the online editorial office at the GoetheInstitut in Munich.

Catheline.N BOSIBORI

professor & Jury Member of the Creative Contest

Catheline Bosibori is a Kenyan Ph.D. student in the department of African  History at Bayreuth University.

Aissatou DIALLO

patron of the Black Academy

Africans, wherever you are in the world, you must know that you have a duty to your country of origin; you must be the first help and the first aid for your country.